Spicy Sausage Dip

Needed to whip up a quick dip for quite possibly the greatest Super Bowl of all time. I had hot Italian sausage and some cheese. Are you getting the idea already? That’s a spicy sausage dip…full fat, full flavor! Spicy Sausage Dip Ingredients 1 lbs. hot Italian Sausage 1 cup amber ale 1 package cream…

Stout Braised Polish Sausage with Carrots and Onions

Polish sausage is normally incredibly boring, right? Torn out of the package, sliced, fried, and stabbed with a toothpick. How many mundane and, frankly, awful Polish sausages have we endured? It’s time to cook a soft and delicious sausage that slices easily and is packed with flavor. This recipe is basically a slow braising of…

Schwarzbier Hungarian Sausage (Hazi Kolbasz)

I grew up around unique family. This family featured a Slovak father, Sicilian mother, and two rowdy brothers. The food represented in the home represented both of those cultures. The whole family were also hunters, so there were also variety sausages. Italian, blood, etc., etc. This recipe is a bit of an homage to the…

Moretti La Rossa Birra Baked Ziti

Baked Ziti is a classic mid-week dish when everyone is at their busiest and they need a hearty, quick meal. Missoula Fresh Market and Radd Cooking brings you a kicked-up baked ziti with the La Rossa from Moretti and Broccoli di Rapa┬ásausage from Bugoni’s. Add in some great┬ácheese and sauce, this dish brings baked ziti…

Pale Ale Savory Sausage Pancakes

Pale Ale Savory Sausage Pancakes made with andouille and the Shane McConkey IPA from Crazy Mountain Brewing will cure the ills of last night.

Fat Tire Sausage Hash

Fat Tire Amber Ale from New Belgium cooked with some great pork breakfast sausage, onion soup mix, and sriracha creates a spicy, savory sausage hash.

Oktoberfest and Italian Sausage Fondue

The leaves are golden & red, and night is chilly and crisp. Time for meals with some umph to them. Nothing umphier than a fondue recipe featuring 3 cheeses, Shadow Darner Oktoberfest from Lolo Peak Brewing Company, and hot Italian sausage. This recipe is a slow cooker, perfect for the next Green Bay Packers game.

Pale Ale Pizza Peppers

Everything that is awesome about pizza inside a marinated sweet pepper and grilled on the Big Green Egg. This recipe’s acid from the marinade balances the richness of the cheeses and sausage. I dare you to stop at one, I dare you.