Habanero Garlic Confit

Garlic confit is an easy preparation that stores exceedingly well, making it suitable as a gift to the garlic lover in your life. Ale Garlic Confit Ingredients 15 heads garlic, cloves peeled 12 thyme sprigs 3 habanero chiles 3 cups pure olive oil Instructions Combine all of the ingredients in a medium saucepan and simmer over…

Belgian Quad Chicken Liver Paté: Terrine de Foies de Volaille

Liver paté…can’t you see the cringe by the organ meat phobic? But, if they would give it a try, their minds what embrace the richness of chicken liver. In this paté recipe, I used the Urthel Samaranth Quad in place of white wine. The result terrine was silky smooth and rich. Belgian Quad Chicken Liver Pate: Terrine…

Black IPA Smoked Salmon

Northwest king salmon, Northwest alder for smoking, and, yes, a Northwest beer-style, the black IPA all play together to create an awesome smoked salmon. Smoking salmon is easy as long as you are patient. In this recipe, I used the Last Cast Black IPA from the Bitterroot Brewing Company. Black IPA Smoked Salmon Ingredients ½…

Cod Fillets With Browned Butter-Ale Sauce

Sometimes, we at AleMeals require a quick and delicious bite, and this corn Chex crusted cod with browned butter-ale sauce fits the bill. This is probably the easiest recipe that we done, but it is one of the tastiest with the butter and malty brown ale in the sauce. Cod Fillets with Browned Butter-Ale Sauce…

Beeriyaki Sesame Grilled Salmon

We create our take on a classic teriyaki dish, the Beeriyaki Sesame Grilled Salmon. We replaced the traditional sake with the Heart of Oak Lager from Leinenkugel’s.

Bad Panda Northern Thai Sausage (Sai Oua)

A Northern Thai sausage (Sai Oua) with lemongrass & galangal, and the addition of the Bad Panda Pale Ale from the Northwest Brewing Company. This ale is brewed with ginger and galangal with Nugget hops and a house ale yeast.

Smoked London Broil with Stout Mushroom Sauce

London broil, is it a cut of beef or style of cooking? All I know is that it is delicious, especially when smoked in the Big Green Egg. This smoked roast recipe is so simple, even I can make it without f’ing it up too badly. The dry rub is a simple brown sugar and…

Brown Ale Lapskaus (Norwegian Stew)

In this recipe for lapkaus, we add Bufflehead Brown Ale from Flathead Lake Brewing. This resulting slow-cooked stew is rich and savory, perfect for warming the belly on a cold winter night.

Wee Heavy Smoked Elk Roast

Bring out the awesome in an elk roast with a good cherry wood smoke and a “moist” rub features the Old Gus Scotch Ale from Meadowlark Brewing.

Smoked Scotch Ale Prime Rib

Prime rib, the king of beef roasts, that is what we’re cooking tonight. This roast is slathered with a moist rub that features the Loch & Lode Scotch Ale from Harvest Moon Brewing.