Swineapple (Bacon wrapped Smoked Pineapple) with Brown Ale

The Swineapple took the interwebs by storm last year. I avoided the hype. I tried to not look at the delicious recipes. I even tore the word pineapple from my lexicon! But, the pull of the swineapple was too much. I have given in to the magic of bacon, pork, and smoke…once again. My version…

Kona Flat Iron Steaks

Flat iron steak from the Meyers Cattle Company is the star of this dish. Marinated in the Koko Brown Ale from the Kona Brewing Company, ¬†Island Teriyaki by Soy Vay, and crushed pineapple for at least 24 hours, the steaks grill up remarkably tender and tasty. The Island Teriyaki is¬†probably the most delicious teriyaki marinade…

Hawaiian Pork Tacos

With some leftover Port of Hawaii Pork Sirloin chops, we decided to transform them into Hawaiian Pork Tacos. We simply sliced up the pork sirloins and made a pineapple/salsa sauce.

Port of Hawaii Pork Sirloin

Pork and pineapple, now that says Hawaiian to me, and add a little porter, you got luau AleMeals-style. The flavors of the ponzu and pineapple balance quite aptly with the Old Toby Porter from the Lolo Peak Brewing Company.