Porter Curry Beef Stew

Cooler weather has arrived with the progression of autumn. Time for stews and comfort food. I was wanting something spicy and rich. The solution is a beef stew with Plum Street Porter from Bozeman Brewing, coconut milk, and heaps of spices to warm the belly. The bonus, it is a one-pot meal saving on the dishwashing. Porter Curry…

Jamaican Curry Smoked Lamb

Curry in Jamaica? Irie! This curried lamb using the leftovers from the Belgian Ale Smoked Leg of Lamb and a variety of spices to create a rich and pungent stew. We replace some of the water/stock with Red Stripe Lager…that’s Jamaican for beer (is that right?). Jamaica’s curry dishes are the remnants of the island’s Indian…

Double IPA Punjabi Chicken

Kicked it up a notch with the The Juice Double IPA from Madison River Brewing, this curry is rich and fiery with a spicy Punjabi curry blend.

IPA Curried Pork Bites

It’s game time, and I am tired of the same old chili and chips tailgate food. This recipe for IPA Curried Pork Bites will definitely spice up your pre-game activities. 3 Needles IPA from the Lolo Peak Brewing Company adds a hoppy bite that brings the warmth of red pepper and curry to the front of the party.

Apricot Ale Curried Pork Potjie

My first crack at an African-inspired dish, the Apricot Ale Curried Pork Potjie lights the fire with its spiciness. This recipe uses the newly released Tree Shaker Apricot Ale from Lolo Peak Brewing, and it has enough “apricotiness” to impart that flavor.

Sambal Coconut Porter Spareribs

Slowly braised spareribs from the Big Green Egg, that is a perfect meal for a hot summer evening. These particular ribs were rubbed down with Thai red curry paste and braised in a sambal coconut sauce for 3 hours. The meat was falling off the bone and juicy.

Weizen Thai Red Curry Ribeye

“Ribeye, Curry, and beer, these are a few of my favorite things” The idea was to create a spicy and rich coconut curry with a hint of weizen character. I used to the Mango Weizen from Northwest Brewing Company, which a good, inexpensive weizen that recently came into my market.