Bacon Double Cheeseburger Beer Cheese Soup

Bacon Double Cheeseburger Beer Cheese Soup…sounds too good to be true, huh? This soup combines everything great about a cheeseburger and delivers it in liquid. Remember that you cannot stir enough, keep things smooth and creamy. No one likes a curdy cheese soup. The Quilter’s Irish Death Stout from Iron Horse Brewing was the perfect beer…

Sriracha Double IPA Cheese Sauce

Making cheese sauce can be incredibly easy, if you are patient, have a strong arm, and pay attention. This super-quick cheese sauce features the Sun Pillar Double IPA, but any double IPA will make the grade (okay, not every double IPA). Sriracha adds the fire, and cream cheese mellows everything out.

Oktoberfest and Italian Sausage Fondue

The leaves are golden & red, and night is chilly and crisp. Time for meals with some umph to them. Nothing umphier than a fondue recipe featuring 3 cheeses, Shadow Darner Oktoberfest from Lolo Peak Brewing Company, and hot Italian sausage. This recipe is a slow cooker, perfect for the next Green Bay Packers game.

1554 Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms

Mmm…bacon! Homer was right, bacon makes everything better. And what makes bacon better? That’s right, beer. These bacon stuffed mushrooms feature the 1554 Black Lager from New Belgium Brewing. The dark roasted notes of the beer, the smokiness of the bacon, the richness of the cheese, and the umami of the mushrooms create a flavor bomb.

Chili Ale Bacon-wrapped Bratwurst Bites

It’s football season, and we started the year off right with a Green Bay Packers victory. Bratwurst, the official meal of football, can be boring, but simmer it in Fire Season Chili Ale and wrapped it in candied bacon … well, you got something else. Then, kick up awesome with a spicy Chili-Cheese Dip.

Pale Ale Pizza Peppers

Everything that is awesome about pizza inside a marinated sweet pepper and grilled on the Big Green Egg. This recipe’s acid from the marinade balances the richness of the cheeses and sausage. I dare you to stop at one, I dare you.

Beertastic Smoked Pork Queso

Take the leftovers from Beertastic Smoked Pork Loin and the Porter Habanero BBQ sauce, and create a queso dip that rocks! This recipe is super easy to make, requiring only a sauce pan and time.

Smoked Gargoyles

The Stone Brewing gargoyle on a bomber bottle of Smoked Porter was staring at me from the cooler. It whispered, “Make something smoky, spicy, and delicious with me.” I heeded that advice, and whipped up an extreme take on the Armadillo egg, a meat coated jalapeño popper. My version would include the smoked porter, plenty of spices, and a bacon-wrap.