The Decleater: Bacon-wrapped Cheddar-stuffed Bratwurst

Football season is right around the corner, and it is time for some football food and tailgating. The Decleater is a double bacon-wrapped cheddar-stuffed bratwurst that is smoked with mesquite in the Big Green Egg. It is a BIG hit from the blind side. Smoky, spicy, and hearty – it might be the perfect football…

Chili Ale Bacon-wrapped Bratwurst Bites

It’s football season, and we started the year off right with a Green Bay Packers victory. Bratwurst, the official meal of football, can be boring, but simmer it in Fire Season Chili Ale and wrapped it in candied bacon … well, you got something else. Then, kick up awesome with a spicy Chili-Cheese Dip.