Korean-style Baby Back Ribs and Korean Fried Cauliflower

I wanted to crank up the Big Green Egg and make some ribs, but I wanted something different. Not enough time for smoking, so the idea of Korean BBQ sparked into my mind. Now, I had only a rack of pork baby back ribs, and Korean BBQ is normally beef, but when have I ever…

Last Rites Pastrami

I got my hands on a couple of briskets, a growler of Draught Works Last Rites Mexican Chocolate Porter, and the weather is warm and clear. What to do, what to do? Let’s make a kick-ass pastrami with a little flavor kick. Adding the Last rites to the brine imparts a subtle chocolate/roast flavor to…

Beer Braised Spicy Chicken Thighs and Legs with Potatoes

Using the cast iron Dutch oven in the Big Green Egg, we created a quick and easy braised chicken recipe with a bit of Sriracha kick. Beer Braised Spicy Chicken Thighs and Legs with Potatoes Ingredients 4 chicken thighs, skinned 4 chicken legs, lollipopped ½ cup amber ale ½ cup Sriracha 2 cups carrot, sliced…

Badlands Grilled Mojo Beef

Bringing a little taste of Cuba to Montana, this recipe for a mojo beef using a variation of a traditional marinade with the addition of the Badlands Extra Pale Ale from Meadowlark Brewing. After marinating overnight, the flat iron steaks were sliced across the grain and grilled on the Big Green Egg. We served the…

Grilled Butter Lobster Tails

Lobster tails, check! Big Green Egg, check! IPA, check! Let’s grill these bad boys. Grilled lobster tail is incredibly easy and amazingly easy to ruin…DON’T OVERLOOK! This recipe uses a Sriracha-porter compound butter that cooks down into the meat. We served ours with the Reverse Seared Ribeye – the perfect meal. Grilled Butter Lobster Tails…

Reverse Seared Ribeye with IPA Candied Bacon and blue cheese

The search for the best steak cooking method continues, and this time with the reverse sear. I took great ribeyes and rubbed them a rub featuring Eric’s Wicked Seasoning and the Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion (No. 001) IPA. I then kicked the whole awesomeness up a notch with IPA candied bacon and some blue cheese…

Chocolate Porter Ribs

What says Dad more than smoked ribs that are fall off the bone tender and filled with smoke flavor. Add in a spicy Cocolate Porter BBQ sauce, and I know that Dad will smile. How to Smoke the Ribs Using the 2-2-1 Method Once the smoker reaches230°F, adjust the vent at the bottom and the…

Phat Smoked Pork Chops

Sriracha..or ศรีราชา to my Thai friends…that magical chili pepper sauce that makes everything spicy and awesome. This smoked pork recipe uses a little (or a ton, depends on your testicular fortitude) of sriracha. Great smoked pork chops require two steps;

Pork Sirloin with Pale Ale and Lemon Marinade

Big and bold, the easy flavor profiles to run. Sometimes I strive for subtlety, a dish with nuances. this pork recipe with a pale ale and lemon marinade flavorful with subtle notes of rosemary and hop. Served with the Saison Lemon Aioli, it becomes a melding of citrus and hop flavors.

IPA Curried Pork Bites

It’s game time, and I am tired of the same old chili and chips tailgate food. This recipe for IPA Curried Pork Bites will definitely spice up your pre-game activities. 3 Needles IPA from the Lolo Peak Brewing Company adds a hoppy bite that brings the warmth of red pepper and curry to the front of the party.

Porter Mango Habanero Pulled Pork

We keep riding the pork train with this recipe for a super-easy porter mango habanero pulled pork. The marinating/brining process, Salish Honey Ale spread, and a slow cook produces a soft, subtly sweet, and smoky pulled pork that carries a hint of spice. What kicks it up another notch? Try serving with a fiery mango habanero salsa and cooling sour cream.

Pork Roast with Carolina Highlands Mustard Ale BBQ Sauce

I’m in love with pork! Who won’t be? This recipe combines everything that makes cooking with pork and beer leap for joy. With both a dry rub and marinade, so the flavor is packed deep into the porky sweetness of the roast. Add a long, slow cook on the Big Green Egg, and you can’t help but have an awesome meal. Remember the Leinenkugel’s Oktoberfest.