Smoked Brisket Sandwich with Sriracha Coleslaw

With the pounds of smoked brisket from the past weekend’s smoking session, it was time for some smoked sandwiches with a kicked up Sriracha coleslaw. It is so easy to whip up a coleslaw, I am amazed that anyone would purchase a package of limp, soggy cabbage from the supermarket. A key to a great smoked…

Black Brick Smoked Brisket with Fire Season Chili Ale BBQ Sauce

Smoked brisket, the king of BBQ meat in my humble opinion, after it has spent hours bathed in delicious mesquite smoke. Smoked in the Big Green Egg at 225°F for 12 or so hours, the meat developed a sweet, black crust and significant smoke ring while remaining absolutely tender and moist. This was the best smoked…

Chokecherry Liqueur Pulled Pork

It is about time…time to smoke a giant pork shoulder for some pulled pork. And we kick it up with a homemade BBQ sauce made with the Chokecherry Liqueur from Willie’s Distillery of Ennis, MT. The smoke was low and slow at 225-250 degrees for roughly 10 hours and an additional wrapped cook of another 2…

In The Kitchen at Notorious PIG BBQ

Using techniques and recipes learned from the world famous pit masters of Saint Louis, Notorious PIG brings Missoula BBQ as it’s meant to be. They begin cooking every morning at 4am and only cook enough to get them through the day. You can be sure that what you’re eating is fresh and made with love,…

Porter BBQ Country Ribs

The Porter BBQ Country Ribs are a slow-cooked in a Dutch oven over coals for nearly two hours in the Porter BBQ sauce.

Porter BBQ Sauce

The best things in life are typically simple, and the Porter BBQ sauce is a very quick, simple sauce to make.

Pork Roast with Carolina Highlands Mustard Ale BBQ Sauce

I’m in love with pork! Who won’t be? This recipe combines everything that makes cooking with pork and beer leap for joy. With both a dry rub and marinade, so the flavor is packed deep into the porky sweetness of the roast. Add a long, slow cook on the Big Green Egg, and you can’t help but have an awesome meal. Remember the Leinenkugel’s Oktoberfest.

Carolina Highlands Mustard Ale BBQ Sauce

This BBQ sauce recipe is not your bottled sauce. Based on apple cider vinegar, Scotch ale, bacon, and mustard, this sauce brings the flavor. Inspired by the Carolina-style barbeque, this recipe utilizes familiar ingredients with the addition of a nice malt backbone from the Double Eagle Scotch Ale from Lolo Peak Brewing.

Drunken Kalbi (Korean Barbecued Beef Short Ribs)

Ribs. I love ribs, but I am sick to death of great meat soaked in some sugar sauce out of the bottle. I needed a change of pace. The solution? A craft beer version of Korean BBQ ribs or Kalbi. I used the Broken Top Pilsner from the Lolo Peak Brewing Company and my own Hereford steer shot ribs in this AleMeal.

Porter Habanero BBQ Sauce

Habanero chilis create a sauce that is spicy without being overly hot, and the sweetness comes from the reduced porter. This versatile sauce can be used on any smoked or grilled meat and on sauces like the Smoked Pork Queso.

Beertastic Smoked Pork Loin

Smoked lean pork loin from the Big Green Egg is quick and easy. Pork is forgiving, especially when smoked low and slow. Dry rub the meat for 12 hours or more using the Pale Ale Almost Dry Rub, and after smoking for 3+ hours, serve with the Porter Habanero BBQ Sauce.