Porter Curry Beef Stew

Cooler weather has arrived with the progression of autumn. Time for stews and comfort food. I was wanting something spicy and rich. The solution is a beef stew with Plum Street Porter from Bozeman Brewing, coconut milk, and heaps of spices to warm the belly. The bonus, it is a one-pot meal saving on the dishwashing. Porter Curry…

Bacon Double Cheeseburger Beer Cheese Soup

Bacon Double Cheeseburger Beer Cheese Soup…sounds too good to be true, huh? This soup combines everything great about a cheeseburger and delivers it in liquid. Remember that you cannot stir enough, keep things smooth and creamy. No one likes a curdy cheese soup. The Quilter’s Irish Death Stout from Iron Horse Brewing was the perfect beer…

Shabu-Shabu with Otter Water Ale broth

“Swish, swish” in English, or “Shabu shabu” in Japanese. Either way, it is essentially a Japanese version of fondue that uses boiling broth in lieu of oil to cook thinly sliced meat (beef tenderloin from Meyer’s Cattle in this recipe). The broth is made with beef broth and the Otter Water Summer Pale Ale from…

Deacon Bouillabaisse

Latest in a 3 episode series featuring the seafood available at Missoula Fresh Market, the Deacon Bouillabaisse is beer-centric take on the classic French recipe. Bouillabaisse is a traditional fisherman’s stew that originated in and around Marseille, France. We replaced the typical red wine as an ingredient with the wonderful Deacon Belgian Pale Ale from Selkirk Abbey,…

Brown Ale Lapskaus (Norwegian Stew)

In this recipe for lapkaus, we add Bufflehead Brown Ale from Flathead Lake Brewing. This resulting slow-cooked stew is rich and savory, perfect for warming the belly on a cold winter night.

Golden Grizzly Pork Verde

Filling the belly with warmth, the Golden Grizzly Pork Verde is hearty and spicy with tender bits of slow-cooked pork.

Mole Stout Beef Chili

Spicy and satisfying, chili, made with a dry stout, beef sirloin, and mole powder, is the perfect autumn dish.

Moroccan Beer Beef Soup

This take on a classic Moroccan beef soup is guaranteed to cure any loved one with the sniffles and fever. Featuring a pilsner bite and a tone of turmeric, this soup is hearty and aromatic. The lingering aromas of spices will fill your kitchen. I used the Broken Top Pilsner from the Lolo Peak Brewing Company because it is lower IBU and possesses a nice malt backbone.

Irish Red Paprika Beef Stew

The seasons are changing fast, but there is still enough time to enjoy some hearty stews made with Lolo Peak Brewing beer. In this recipe, we create a kicked up beef stew that features the Irish Red Ale and paprika. Irish Red Paprika Beef Stew Ingredients 1 lbs beef stew meat 1 chopped yellow onion…