Smoked Potato Salad with Beer and Bacon

I was smoking up some Chocolate Porter Ribs, and thought to myself, “Heck, why not a smoked potato salad?” So, I cubed up some Yukon Gold potatoes and chopped some sweet onion, dashed them with Eric’s Wicked Seasoning, and throw it into the smoker. What would kick this over the top, though? Bacon! And Beer!…

White Paradise Peach, Apricot Ale and Pecan Salad

Once a year, for 3 weeks, we in Montana are treated to the White Paradise Peach. The Paradise White Peach is just sweet enough to leave you wanting more. Imagine this sweetness coupled with the Tree Shaker Apricot Ale from Lolo Peak Brewing Company? The resulting salad is hearty and refreshing.