Flat Iron Steak Tacos

We had some leftover Kona Flat Iron Steak, and we thought they would make awesome tacos. We were right! A straightforward taco with some mango habanero salsa made for the great dinner.

Stout Reuben Sandwich

The reuben sandwich, the perfect blend of dark rye bread, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, dressing, and decadent corned beef from AleMeals

Beertastic Smoked Pork Queso

Take the leftovers from Beertastic Smoked Pork Loin and the Porter Habanero BBQ sauce, and create a queso dip that rocks! This recipe is super easy to make, requiring only a sauce pan and time.

Hawaiian Pork Tacos

With some leftover Port of Hawaii Pork Sirloin chops, we decided to transform them into Hawaiian Pork Tacos. We simply sliced up the pork sirloins and made a pineapple/salsa sauce.