Chorizo Poached in Black Lager

The first AleMeals Tapas Tuesday recipe is a spicy and rich chorizo sausage poached in 1554 Black Lager from New Belgium.

Oktoberfest and Italian Sausage Fondue

The leaves are golden & red, and night is chilly and crisp. Time for meals with some umph to them. Nothing umphier than a fondue recipe featuring 3 cheeses, Shadow Darner Oktoberfest from Lolo Peak Brewing Company, and hot Italian sausage. This recipe is a slow cooker, perfect for the next Green Bay Packers game.

Porter Buffalo Chicken Drumsticks

Buffalo Wings? No, Porter Buffalo Chicken Drumsticks! That’s a big kid’s piece of chicken, not some wimpy, shriveled piece of poultry. These things are all kinds of spicy and succulent down to the bone with plenty flavor, thanks to Deschutes Brewing Black Butte Porter.

1554 Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms

Mmm…bacon! Homer was right, bacon makes everything better. And what makes bacon better? That’s right, beer. These bacon stuffed mushrooms feature the 1554 Black Lager from New Belgium Brewing. The dark roasted notes of the beer, the smokiness of the bacon, the richness of the cheese, and the umami of the mushrooms create a flavor bomb.

Chili Ale Bacon-wrapped Bratwurst Bites

It’s football season, and we started the year off right with a Green Bay Packers victory. Bratwurst, the official meal of football, can be boring, but simmer it in Fire Season Chili Ale and wrapped it in candied bacon … well, you got something else. Then, kick up awesome with a spicy Chili-Cheese Dip.

Porter Beef Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce

Meat on a stick, a universal snack food, and the Indonesian satay very well may be the king of skewered food. Satay is a skewered piece of spiced beef that should be dipped into a peanut sauce. In true AleMeals fashion we marinaded the sirloin with porter before grilling on the Big Green Egg.

Pale Ale Pizza Peppers

Everything that is awesome about pizza inside a marinated sweet pepper and grilled on the Big Green Egg. This recipe’s acid from the marinade balances the richness of the cheeses and sausage. I dare you to stop at one, I dare you.

Sambal White IPA Corn Fritters

Browsing around the kitchen, I noticed that we had the ingredients for making some white IPA corn fritters. How to make them spicy? Ah ha, sambal oelek with a rooster label is sitting in the refrigerator. These fritters are wheat-free for all of those that have issues with that grain.