Iron Horse Brewery Short Cut Sour with La Peral Blue Cheese

The Beer: The Short Cut Sour from Iron Horse Brewery is a kettle-soured ale. Iron Horse, like many craft breweries, are jumping on the kettle-souring bandwagon, and why no? Small breweries can rapidly sour a beer without the risking cross-contamination (well, mostly) and waiting years for a traditional sour. The beer itself poured very flat and somewhat lifeless looking. This beast was tart like a slightly unripe peach. While I usually rave about Iron Horse’s offerings, this one is sub-par for them.

The Cheese: La Peral is a cow’s milk ( a small amount of sheep’s milk is blended) Spanish blue cheese from mom and pop cheesemakers from the Asturias region. It is inoculated with Penicillium, which results in the characteristic blue veins. Matured for two to five months as the flavor becomes are wonderfully funky,  slightly spicy. The texture is buttery and smooth.

The Pairing: This pairing matches funk against funk. The initial tartness of the sour ale is mellowed with the buttery cheese, and the second sip brings a flush of peach flavor. Overall, the two work well together.

La Peral Blue Cheese sliced
La Peral Blue Cheese sliced