De Achtste Hond pairing with Vella Dry Jack Cheese

The Players

De Achtste Hond is Laughing Dog‘s take on a sour fruit beer. The uniquely crisp quality of sour beer, combined with the complex flavor profile of peaches creates a lively palate.

Vella Dry Jack is made like a fresh Monterey Jack and further aged for another seven to ten months.

The Field

De Achtste Hond is lightly tart with a huge peach nose, a hint of oak and a champagne like finish. It is very effervescent, so the mouthfeel is rather clean.

Vella Dry Jack is firm, pale yellow with a sweet nutty flavor. It is never sharp like cheddar, its balance and mild nature make it well suited to fruit beers and sours.

The Pairing

Although, the rule of thumb when pairing cheese with sours is “the stinkier the better”, the subtle sour qualities and prominent peach character of De Achtste Hond require it to be paired in the typical manner for the fruit beer. The mild nature of the Vella Dry Jack is ramped up with the intense peach flavor profile.

De Achtste Hond with Vella Dry Jack & maple-roasted nuts
De Achtste Hond with Vella Dry Jack & maple-roasted nuts