Burger Hunt – Episode 2 – Bitterroot Brewing

Imagine this…well-seasoned beef, savory bacon, garlic sage aioli, and fried cheese curds in burger form. This dream exists at Bitterroot Brewing in Hamilton, Montana with Curds and Bacon Burger. Bitterroot Valley Rocky Mountain Natural Beef Burger, Sawtooth Ale-Battered White Cheddar Cheese Curds, Daily‚Äôs Bacon, and Garlic Sage Aioli on a Spent Grain Bun.

Burger Hunt Episode 1 – Old Post Blackened Bacon Blue Burger

What defines the best burger? Is it perfect char or perhaps uniqueness of ingredients? I’m hunting of the best burger I can find. The first hunting ground is the Old Post in downtown Missoula, and I ate the Blackened Bacon Blue Burger (that’s a lot of Bs).