5 Ways to Cook with Beer (that you might not have thought of)

I love to cook with beer, it just adds an extra umph to my dishes. Most folks cook with beer by boiling bratwursts in pilsner or adding ale to marinades, but there are a multitude of other beer cooking methods. Here are my top 5 ways to cook with beer (that you might not have thought of).

  1. Braise your meats with beer and low & slow heat
    Braised Pilsner Pork RoastDarker ales impart malty tones to your favorite meats when you braise them with beer. My Braised Pilsner Pork Roast with Paprika, Capers and Caraway recipe provides great instruction on this cooking method on the Big Green Egg. This hearty pork roast warms the body and spirit with a savory blend of paprika, capers, & caraway and pilsner in the marinade to create a Slovak inspired meal with buttered noodles and sour cream on the side
  2. Cook beer down to a sweet syrup
    Sweet beer syrup can be added to vinaigrettes, sauces, or on top of ice cream (my personal favorite).
  3. Make beer ceviche
    Smoked Shandy CevicheCeviche should be seafood forward (well, duh), but shandy or lager adds a little zip to the marinade. The Smoked Shandy Ceviche is combination of two worlds, the smoked and raw. I started with fresh caught pacific prawns and clams and used a bit of Leinenkugel’s Grapefruit Shandy. The result is a smokey, yet bright seafood dish.
  4. Steam with beer
    Steaming seafood with beer results in a delicate undertone of fermented grains to the brine flavors of shellfish.
  5. Create salad dressing uses beer
    Everything is about to get happy, happyEverybody is bored stiff with their mundane salads, and adding beer is never boring. The White Paradise Peach, Apricot Ale and Pecan Salad is unique twist on a summer salad. The Paradise White Peach is just sweet enough to leave you wanting more. Imagine this sweetness coupled with the Tree Shaker Apricot Ale from Lolo Peak Brewing Company? The resulting salad is hearty and refreshing.

What are your favorite ways to add beer to your cooking? Let us in the comments below.

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  1. Seventh says:

    I have been experimenting with making bacon using beer but have yet to get a strong flavor. So far my testing has been pretty minimal but the great thing about curing is that I can try again next week. I may try to make a syrup as I had not thought about that before. I am using a lighter beer, Shiner Ruby Redbird and the normal basic bacon cure so a syrup would have to be reduced as a super low heat to keep the light flavor.

    Thanks for the article.

    1. Radd Icenoggle says:

      Bigger beers seem to drive in more flavor…glad you liked the article